Get Informed

What’s the minimum order amount?

Depends on the item required. Please contact us for specific requirements and pricing

Can I see samples to get a feel for the product?

Absolutely! Please contact us via email, phone or online form and we would love to schedule an appointment and bring you samples that are used for marketing and promotions of the product range. They are made with the final fabrics and final touches in the approved basic sizes for existing customers.

Why A.N. Sourcing?

  • With the knowledge acquired by our core team after being in the business for 3 decades, we have expert knowledge in this industry.

  • We have worked with international clients in the United States for over 2 decades providing high-quality apparel to some of the biggest global brands.

  • Due to our years of hands-on experience, we can deal with many types of customers and understand their needs, and how to carry out tasks to meet customer's needs.

  • We have many long-term partnerships and suppliers in Pakistan.

  • We provide Online and Pre-shipment quality control through our own- or Third-Party quality inspector/suppliers as per the customer’s required standards while maintaining AQL Standards Pass rate above 98%.

  • A. N. Sourcing offers a perfect blend of the right quality, the right price, quick delivery, and proper services with complete maintenance, following the proper protocols required for every process.

Which countries do you ship to?

North American and European countries

Which countries do you import from?

We believe in responsible and sustainable sourcing and have sourcing agents in:

  • India

  • Sri Lanka

  • Pakistan

  • Bangladesh